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Ellen Alires-Trujillo

I was diagnosed with ALS at the Mayo Clinic in October of 2020. I was later given the name the ALS Rocky Mountain Chapter to contact for support and services. I made the telephone call and received a return call quickly from Suzanne who spoke with me and provided me with a packet of resources. From that day forward, the staff have been attentive and caring in each of the phases of my illness. They are so knowledgeable about ALS and have guided me in this horrible journey that has no roadmap other than suffering and unknown decline on a daily basis. Because, of the ALS Association Rocky Mountain Chapter, their caring team understands my fears.

This is not an easy place to be in life but the counseling I receive has made it tolerable. The equipment they have provided me is so very important to me and for my caretakers. Equipment to help me do daily tasks is essential for what remains of my quality of life. We encourage people to contribute to support the ALS Rocky Mountain Chapter so that they may continue to do God’s work for those in need.

– Ellen Alires-Trujillo

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