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Bryan with ALS and his wife Tammy Kroger Walking by faith not sight.

Tammy Kroger Sharing Bryan Kroger’s Story

July 26, 2023 Comments Off on Tammy Kroger Sharing Bryan Kroger’s Story

What was the beginning of ALS like for Bryan and you? What?? ALS?? I was thinking he just needed back surgery…. September 2020 our journey began with the diagnosis of ALS. Once we got the news, we called our three kids, we cried in the parking lot, we hugged each other in the parking lot,…

Jon Edy Faces of ALS

Jon Edy

July 26, 2023 Comments Off on Jon Edy

As a California native and recent transplant to Estes Park, I have been active my entire life. I was a body builder in high school and college as well as a martial arts instructor. In October of 2019 on a hunting trip, I tripped and fell numerous times. I knew something wasn’t right, and sought…

ALS Hero Ellen Alires Trujilo

Ellen Alires-Trujillo

May 18, 2023 Comments Off on Ellen Alires-Trujillo

I was diagnosed with ALS at the Mayo Clinic in October of 2020. I was later given the name the ALS Rocky Mountain Chapter to contact for support and services. I made the telephone call and received a return call quickly from Suzanne who spoke with me and provided me with a packet of resources.…

Ron Bowman

April 10, 2023 Comments Off on Ron Bowman

The Rocky Mountain Chapter has been a blessing in our lives since Ron was diagnosed.  They provide educational classes, loan equipment to use as long as we need, refer us to resources, provide monthly group support calls, and are available for email, questions, phone calls, and emotional support.  We have used all of these resources…

ALS Hero Liz Barclay

Liz Barclay

October 10, 2022 Comments Off on Liz Barclay

I was diagnosed with ALS 1 ½ years ago after numerous tests, inquiries, and office visits. My symptoms were non-bulbar and exhibit still as physical disabilities. After I struggled through the grieving process, I embarked on a journey, which has become a continuing path of life adaptations. Some phases of this path have been easier…